Boaters Lanter Bronze – Cone


Night after night, Solar Boaters Lantern’s hand-blown glass, high effciency solar power and warm LED lighting unite for a radiant glow.

Inspired by classic Captains’ Lanterns which light a stormy sky by night, our Boaters Lanterns collect sunlight by day to cast a radiant warm glow from within. Solar powered, the Boaters Lanterns are hand blown in shades of white glass and are available in three unique shapes. With a clean nautical silhouette and steel handle, Boaters Lanterns are portable and happily light the way by night.


  • Handblown glass with high-quality weather-resistant design for outdoor use
  • Solar lanterns charge by day and glow at night (with full charge lights will glow for 4+ hours), place in direct sunlight for best results
  • Solar Panel with LED bulb – rechargeable battery included
  • Comes with handle for hanging or can be placed on a table, deck, patio, or in the garden
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ H x 7.5″ W Cone / 7″ H x 4.25″ W Cylinder / 5.5″ H x 5.88″ W Square

    Material: Glass

    Uses: Hanging or Tabletop/Flat Surface

    Battery: Included, replaceable

    Rated for Outdoor Use: Yes, year-round

    How do I set up and use my solar votive?

    Setting up your solar votive is easy! Turn the solar panel switch to “on”, and then set or hang your votive in direct sunlight (6 hours for best results) with the solar panel facing up toward the sun. Once the sun goes down and it gets dark enough, the included photosensor will turn the votive on automatically!

    Can my solar lantern be left outside year-round?

    Yes, Home & Garden Lanterns are designed so that they can survive in the outdoors! Our fabrics are tough and we use stainless steel and other materials that can handle the weather. While we expect that you will get multiple years of service from your lanterns, over time they will experience normal wear from being outside. Some consumers take their lanterns down in winter, especially in areas with snow and ice.


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